Hi, I'm Jasmine. I am a full-time photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and to put it quite simply, I love making portraits. I’ve been taking photographs and diving into this realm of visual creativity since I was gifted my first DSLR at the age of 13. Fast-forwarding life by about 12 years now (are you doing the math?) I find myself being so grateful that my passion is now also my career. 

What I do and my approach to photography is somehow or rather broken down in to two categories or types of "stories", as I like to call them.

I look at photography as a spectrum, and there are many different “genres” that make up this spectrum. I’m definitely in no way great at all of them, but I think that we should be able to explore, and even pick up more than 1 facet to photography.


This has lead me to the two things that pulls on all my heartstrings.


Love. I'm all about the unscripted moments and the outtakes. The little things and the big feelings. No fluff, just the real stuff. Your love, and all the moments in between. It really is something, diving into love from behind the camera. I'd love to dive in to yours. 

Conceptualism & Visual Wanderings. Conceptual portraiture is where we find that art and photography meet. Telling stories of a different kind, this expressive collective of mine is often raw, aimed to make you feel something, to make you wonder. To make portraits that pull on all your heartstrings and to different vibes and emotions. From concepts that are fully blown with artistic elements, to those that are quietly simple from my everyday adventures and perspectives. 




Just like how eyes are the windows to the soul, these photographs are a window to your life. They tell a story of who you are, what you’ve been through and the human moments and relationships that have landed you here, in this very moment. These photographs should, and will, always bring you back to those moments depicting how you felt about all that was happening around you at the point of time. These portraits will not be just for you, but will also be for the generations to come, to bring your story back to life again every time it’s seen.


I can't give you much, but I can give you a piece of myself and preserve a piece of you. You’ve written your story. Let me illustrate them in photographs for you