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Hi, I'm Jasmine!

You can get to know me & my approach to photography a lil' more here


Having free-spirited Jasmine is like having an old friend

over - full of warmth and energetic vibes that you’ll find you can’t help but to jive with that! Being all about the genuine, quirky, loving, soft, fun and teasing love that you have makes working with Jasmine a very easy-going experience all around.


Her love of photography started at the curious age of 13 and since then, she slowly developed her creative eye towards celebrating people. Looking at the photographs she’s taken, there’s no doubt Jasmine does beautiful interpretations of love, life and its dynamics; painting a story, showing a touch of vulnerability and yet completely authentic at the same time.

Wearing her heart on her sleeve, laughing (very loudly!) everyday and cherishing the little things in life, she’s always ready to experience new adventures with her photography work.








Oh, she also loves her cat.