we're really shy people and awkward in front of the camera. is that okay?

Absolutely! There's nothing to worry about. I can't tell you how many of my couples, even the one that end up being the most themselves at our session, tell me that they're really awkward about having their photos taken. Don't you worry, I got you, and I'm here to get you comfortable. Nothing is going to feel forced because your love and they way you connect with one another is what matters. All I ask is that you come with an open mind and so long as you trust in me and what I do, you'll do great!

We'll have so much fun together that we'll making memories along the way without even realizing it.

What kind of couples do you like working with?

Kind, open-hearted humans who really dig each other. That's it! For Real!
I take everything personally, and by that I mean that I take the experience of our time together to heart. I can't give you much, but I'll give you a piece of myself and preserve a piece of you.

If you love each other, love my work and see the value in what it is that I do, we'll be great together, I know it!

where are you based? Do you travel for weddings?

I'm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and yes, I do travel for Love! Love is an adventure I'll always want to take. We travel quite a fair bit for wedding days. Travel costs like roundtrip airfares, accommodation arrangements and all that jazz will apply, but get in touch for more information and I'll gladly send you the nitty gritty along with our Rate Cards.

Do you document wedding days alone?

Yes & No. We work in two's, so I'll almost always have a second shooter out with me to all my wedding days but should your wedding be really intimate, laid back sorta do where an extra human being taking your photos would be considered way too much, then I'll gladly document the day alone! A pretty rare occasion, I'd say.

How long till we get our full set of images?

Delivery times for Wedding Days hover around 10-12 weeks and engagement sessions take 6 weeks at most!

i like a totally different style of editing. can you change that for me?

Okay, we need to talk.

I truly believe that Photography, just like every other facet of the arts, works on some cosmic DNA matching wavelength thing. You see, there comes a time in every bride or groom's life where you find yourself browsing for your version of a perfect photographer. Frame after frame, gallery after gallery and this could go on for days.

You then come across a particular photographer, go through their work and suddenly, it clicks. You have this Eureka-like moment and it sparks something in you. You have no idea why but you are so drawn to this photographer, their eye and how they see things. THAT, my lovelies, is when you know it.

I've always been one to encourage my couples to take their time when picking a photographer. Every photographer is unique and we all have something different to offer. Asking me to change anything about the way I preserve these memories for you wouldn't be fair, and it truly feels as though you're asking me to change who I am for you. That being said, I want you to know exactly what you're getting yourself into. I urge you continue on with your search till you find what you're looking for. Press on with your research till you find what pulls on all your heartstrings.

This applies to just about everything in life. That got real deep, real quick.

I have a list of poses I want you to photograph. I also have a moodboard for your reference. can you replicate it for me?

As much as I appreciate my proactive couples, 1. Every love vibrates on a different electric level, and that means that its unfair and quite frankly, impossible for me to replicate someone else's connection that you see in these photographs and put it on for you. We're about true experiences around here!

& 2. Please refer to the lengthy answer in the question before this.

can i have the RAW, unedited images?

The answer to this question will always and forever be a conclusive No.

How do we go about booking you?

All you need to do is send in an enquiry via the Contact form. Should I still be available for your chosen date(s), the rest is pretty much the industry standard. You'll be sent an invoice for a nonrefundable retainer fee (which is 50% of the total) and a digital contract to sign off on.

A signed contract and the receipt of your retainer fee will put us together, forever.

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