Fact - I love black & white photographs. They take away the essence of time but also, it's Intimate. It's intimate because it takes way the distractions that a world of colour could inflict on a frame and brings attention to nothing but soul connections in a photograph.So, what happens when a Bride writes to you telling you how much she loves black & white photographs and that she wants dedicate an entire session towards this notion?


I can't even explain how much I loved this photographic experience our time together. These two were like a breath of fresh air and the whole session revolved around nothing an abandoned space and the very human connection that lovers share. Stripping away props, flowers, prettier environments, the fuss of hair & makeup left us with nothing but light and bare walls in an abandoned space. It really got me thinking about the way I see things and how I'd like to document them. Bryan & Fiona gave me the room to work with so much creative freedom and took me so far out of my comfort zone into unknown territory,

but I'm grateful to have had such an experience.