Why Not Kahwin?

What happens when your Best Friend decides to tell you they're in love with you?

Safia & Ivan were involved in a play and just before the theatre show ended its run, Ivan decides to tell her that all this while, he's always been in love with her. The idea of it all did not sit well with Safia, especially not when they were taking on the roles of siblings in the play! She was shocked (shook, really) and her first reaction? To get angry, of course. I mean, after all this time! What happens next? Taking it all in, she realised that this wasn't a bad thing at all. "My best friend is in love with me! So, I decided to ask him if he'd marry me. He said yes!". - Safia. This started their little #WhyNotKahwin movement (you can track this on Instagram if you'd like!) because honestly, why not?! Fast forward 2 months later (you read that right!) I found myself documenting their intimate wedding day held in the comfort of their home.

They tell you to marry your best friend and that's what they set out to do. Love happens in so many ways, and I'm so glad I got to document their story as it unfolds.

Dah Kahwin!

These "Just Married" vibes. Sneaking away just after (or during, for a few moments) your reception is totally fine! I know there are so many things to do and so many people that want to see you but you just got married! Steal your woman, snag your man and really just dwell in the moment and enjoy each other. If you're thinking of bringing me along, I'd be the happiest third-wheeler in the world stealing frames of you two. Oh and for more good vibes, bring your best friends and loved ones along, just like Ivan & Safia did! Still in her beautiful kebaya and his baju melayu, this one's From Safia & Ivan's day, moments after their solemnization, Featuring some of their beautifully rad friends here and there.

P.S. As you're scrolling your way through this set, you'll come across one of my absolute favourite frames of some makciks on motorcycles entering my frame. I had to say something about that because just look at them! Safia put a ring on it and he is one proud camper. So proud that everyone including the gardeners biking by had to shown it! & Safia? One supportive wife, I tell you! One of my favourite in-between moments for sure!