Of Little Lofts & Quiet Sunlight

My photographic adventure with Darian & Alyssa spanned across two days, and it was the most amazing couple of days at that. True to how I love going about documenting Love, we didn’t have a solid plan, really, and we went in without any set expectations for what was to come. We embarked on a roadtrip, we had a place to stay, a couple of places we knew we wanted to visit and that was it, which made it such a precious experience. We drove around, explored places none of us have been to, stopped the car way too many times every time we saw anything remotely scenic (Darian is an incredibly patient man, and I can vouch for that), shared many laughs, cozied up at our stay and even went to the market and came back with bags of fresh produce to share. In a nutshell, we were creating memories whilst documenting these moments, and we didn’t even know it. There are so many frames I love from the days I spent up on the Highlands with them but here's to Part 1 of our photographic adventure away from the city together.