There's just something really sweet about how couples spend their mornings. It pulls on all my heart strings to see the distinctive chemistry and dynamics between two lovers and how they come alive on a quiet Sunday spent lazing at home. It also made me realise how we take moments like this for granted. Mornings spent together are the simplest, most routined times of the day for a lot of us and it shouldn't ever be that way. We need to do little things with big love and the everyday moments we let slip by us with time? It's always the tiny little unexpected things that mean so much.

Through the day and in between documenting them and their love, we hung out, drank Yerba Mate tea (which, thanks to Joshua, I've been hooked ever since) munched on cereal and had conversations about life.  I loved being able to document love like this right in the comfort of their home - their safe space. Watching them just be, love, laugh, play, kiss and even dance to Miley Cyrus was such a fun and frankly, very rewarding experience for me personally. I found it to be so intimate and honest. I know that love is hard and I know that what you see here isn't Everyday Love, but this session with Leila & Joshua will always be a reminder that we should pause and take in the little moments that we miss out on, because they are all quietly beautiful.