Lynette, Leon & Little Love, Liam.

I still remember the first time I met Lynette. We set up a meeting for what I thought was to get to know each other better and, as formalities go, to run through their wedding day itinerary that I was to be a part of in a couple of days. She came in, we introduced ourselves and the meeting lasted a whole five minutes , if I'm being generous. All she came for was to tell me was how much she wanted a "Bye-bye" shot of her bidding farewell to her parents as the Tea Ceremony portion of their wedding festivities came to a close. She then said Bye to me and left. That's it. I was left proper confused as to what just happened but as insanely brief (and rather amusing) our first meeting was, Lynette is now someone I hold dear to me, and I'm so grateful for the friendship we've found in one another.

I first photographed them on their Wedding Day almost two years ago now. I’ve seen them grow into their new home, adopt the cutest puppy ever into their family and now, here they are, embarking on a whole new chapter of their lives together and I got to see it all.

These frames are so, so special to me. This day wasn't planned for at all, and that was what we intended. I came over, spent the afternoon there as I normally would and photographed bits and pieces of the day as it went by. Liam is two months old here and though beautiful new chapters aren't as easy as they seem to be, this is a stage of their lives so worth documenting. I never thought I'd have a whole session like this done in Black & White, and it's just Kismet to me that Lynette has always expressed how much she loves my monochromatic images so here we are. "Quiet kind of loving", she says, and I couldn't agree more.

Honest and unpretentious, here are some of my favourite moments from this day.