The frame on the left was taken when I first documented Hannah & Joshua at home a couple of years ago, just weeks after they got married (you can find a collective of frames from that session, HERE). The one of the right was taken two years later. Same space, same spot in the beautiful home they’ve created, but so much love and growth in more ways than you could imagine.

"Mornings spent together are the simplest, most routined times of the day for a lot of us and it shouldn't ever be that way. We need to do little things with big love and the everyday moments we let slip by us with time? It's always the tiny little unexpected things that mean so much."

That was an excerpt from what I wrote about my time documenting Hannah & Joshua at home from the first little session we had together, and it still rang true after all this time when I spent the morning with them and their Little Love, Ollie. The day revolved around nothing but Everyday rituals with Ollie, from reading, breakfast & feeds, to bath time and playtime injected with lots of tight cuddles and tender embraces. It was honest, intimate and I absolutely loved being able to document love like this right in the comfort of their home - their safe space. It was such surreal photographic experience seeing how much has changed for these two through my lens, and it's something I'll hold close to me, always.

I truly believe that one of the most beautiful things I’ve learnt from documenting love & life over the years is to be able to see and appreciate the growth of others. Being able to translate what I see through my eyes into stills and getting to be a part of moments like this is a gift, and I realise that. I can only hope that I get to share this with the people I’m so blessed to cross paths with for as long as I can.

Here's to dwelling in the beauty of everyday moments